Rant: “Sorry, forget you”

It has been so long since I have written on this blog.


Simply because there was so much going on in my life, like AP tests, school work, extracurricular, etc. So I guess now is a great time to catch you guys up with what has been going on in my life.

Let’s see… what is new?

Well I am beginning my behind the wheel training after holding my permit for over 4 months, but hey better late than never right? But here’s the thing. My father found a driving instructor who charges $250 for 6 hours of training and to take the test. (Which apparently is a really good deal) And my brother also took his classes with him a couple years ago so why not.

So basically, being the eager beaver that I am, I call this guy up to schedule a lesson. And here is our conversation. Let’s say his name was Charles.

“Hello is this Charles?”


“Hi I was just calling about scheduling a driving lesson”

“Okay, well I am teaching now”


“Just text me”

So I went and texted him and let’s just say there were a lot of grammatical issues.

Here were a few.

Okay well first he asked if 12-2 on Tuesday was a good time for me and I said no because I had a class that ended around 12. So in response he said “Pick you on school or 2-4” Umm excuse me? I understand typos but honey, you are missing two words.

But that’s not all.

So it’s finally Tuesday and I am so excited to take my class that was rescheduled for 2-4.

It’s 2 and I’m just there in my room, waiting for him to ring my doorbell or give me a call. Then I look at they clock and it’s 2:15. Okay well maybe he’s just running late. Finally after an hour later, I decided that he isn’t lost and texted him asking if we still had a class that day.

“Sorry, forget you”

Um what? Putting aside the fact that his response is grammatically incorrect, you forgot me?

Now at this point I was already pissed off because I had to wait an hour for him. Not only that but I was really looking forward to it and I could have been doing something else.(like working on the 7 page research paper that’s due for my psych class on Thursday)

First of all, you are the teacher and therefore it is your responsibility to remember when you have a student to teach. IT IS A PART OF YOUR JOB.

Then he replies “Friday at 2-4. Thursday text me again, thanks”

LIKE OKAY WHEN DID I BECOME THE PARENT OR TEACHER IN THIS SITUATION. IT ISN’T MY RESPONSIBILITY TO REMIND MY TEACHER THAT HE HAS A CLASS TOMORROW. Honestly, I just think it’s very unprofessional of him to forget my class in the first place and to tell me to remind him. Like seriously?

This is the 21st century, can’t you set a reminder on your phone or something? And even if you don’t have a phone or device that can do that, I’m pretty sure you have a planner or calendar. Like if you are the “professional” driving instructor that you claim to be, you should know when you have a student to teach or at least a system of remembering things like that. Like dude, this is your job.

I can’t even. I just can’t deal with him at this point.

And no, I didn’t say anything to him about being unprofessional because I don’t want to make it weird or anything for my first class. But if I find another instructor before Friday, you better believe I’ll give him a taste of my mind.

And for some of you out there, you may be thinking that I’m a bit harsh on the guy but I mean I don’t go to school and remind my teacher to come to school on Tuesday do I?

Exactly, I don’t.

i don’t know, I’ll see how things go.