smith’s minted rose lip balm

A’s Favorite: Lip Balm

Hello beautiful people!

I’m starting a new segment here on The Beauty Benefits where I will be sharing my favorites!

My all time favorite lip balm would have to be Smith’s Minted Rose Lip Balm. I’m sure all of you have heard about it or have seen it in line at Sephora  in those tiny boxes where they put all those small little goodies in while you wait in line. (It’s a trap! But I fall for it every time) Well after hearing so many people talk about it and seeing it everywhere, I decided to give it a go. I mean why not right?

I don’t know what I was expecting when I first bought this product. But boy is it great.

I love love love my minted rose lip balm! It’s one of the best lip balms I’ve ever tried. I do have to admit that it does smell more minty than rose. The formula is very nice and moisturizing. This is my pre-lipstick application staple! It’s my everyday staple. It’s just great.

The packaging is super cute and has sort of an old fashioned or vintage esk feel to it.

The only con to this lip balm would have to be that it’s a bit bigger than regular lip balms like the Chapstick brand ones or Burt’s Bees. So throwing it in my Lululemon Scuba Hoodie pocket doesnt look the best but oh well.

But other than that, it’s fantastic!

It’s definitely one of my every day staples and a little goes a long way. I bought this a long time ago and there is still a lot of it left. So for the price of $7, it’s kind of a steal.

If you aren’t a fan of tin lip balms but would love to try this product, they also offer a tube version of the original rosebud salve (not minted but just as good) that you can get here!

If you would like to try any of their other lip balms you can get the original Rosebud Salve or the Strawberry Lip Balm.

Rating: 5 stars

Price: $7

Where can I get it?: Many stores carry this product (ex. Sephora)


I hope you enjoyed the first A’s favorite! If you have any products you would like me to review please leave a comment below!